The Liberty Defense Fund of New Hampshire, Inc is a nonprofit initiative devoted to protecting the freedom of the people of New Hampshire by supporting effective advocacy in the courts.

LDFNH was founded in 2020 by a group of concerned New Hampshire activists who felt the unwieldy legal process prevents justice for those who fall victim to authoritarian overreach but lack the resources or expertise to properly defend themselves. We are also concerned about legislation and administrative rules that affect our ability to live freely in New Hampshire.

LDFNH will focus on precedent-setting cases that impact a broad population and move the legal landscape toward freedom. We invite you to join us in this effort with your contributions of money or time. We will detail how you can become an active member as our structure develops.

Your donations for the cause of liberty and justice are tax-deductible pending approval by the Internal Revenue Service of our application for tax-exempt status. We will inform current donors when the IRS makes a determination on our application.

Please join our email list and make your comments in the contact form below.

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